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About Us

College Introduction

We aim to cultivate management talents with practical love and service. We would like to enhance not only students' writing and oral communication skills but also abstract emotions and complex mental expression skills to achieve the basic level of expression skills needed for rapid transformation and global social life. Students can fulfill their civil rights and obligations through service learning and encouragement.

To promote our college students to understand the basics of the universe, nature, social sciences, literature and history, and enhance the analytical power of moral issues in response to change, pluralism and a more global society. In other side, students must achieve the basic level required for the literacies, and have an overall understanding of the core knowledge and theory of the department. Further, we ask students have the abilities to criticize and advanced the core knowledge and theory.

Through the graduation feature production, competitions, trainees, internships (or service learning experiences and reflections), the students' professional skills and the ability to innovate in service skills are enhanced to enable students to achieve their majors. That is an approach to arrive the employment level of their professional services.